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The Importance of Community in Retirement: Life in The Links’ Over 55s Community

The Importance of Social Interaction in Retirement Years

As we enter retirement, our social life tends to shift. The kids move out, we retire from work, we relocate, and our daily social interactions may decrease. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Maintaining an active social life is not just beneficial—it’s essential for our health and well-being in retirement.

Combating Loneliness:

As we age, it's common to lose touch with friends and family for various reasons such as relocation, health issues, or passing away. Regular social interactions within a community can help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation common among retirees.

Promoting Mental Health:

Regular social interaction helps in improving long-term mental health. Staying socially active leads to happier and more fulfilling lives for retirees, keeping their minds sharp and reducing the risk of feeling down.

Encouraging Physical Activity:

Social activities usually include physical elements, like a group exercise class or a relaxed walk in the park. These interactions encourage seniors to stay active, which helps improve their overall health.

Building Strong Social Connections:

Retirement communities that prioritise social interaction provide an opportunity to build strong social connections. These communities create a supportive environment where retirees can share experiences, celebrate achievements, and navigate the challenges of ageing together.

Enhancing Overall Well-being:

The importance of community and social interaction extends beyond physical and mental health. It also contributes to an overall sense of well-being, giving retirees a sense of belonging and purpose and enhancing their quality of life.

The importance of community and social interaction in our retirement years cannot be overstated. Engaging in communal activities provides a sense of purpose and promotes physical fitness and cognitive health. After all, retirement isn’t just about kicking back—it’s also about engaging with life and people in fresh and fulfilling ways.

What is an over-55 lifestyle community?

An over-55 lifestyle community is a specialised living environment that caters to people over 55. It’s full of people of a similar age, providing a safe and secure space where residents can enjoy retirement living. Retirement communities offer a lifestyle transition from the traditional retirement village model to a modern resort-style living model.

It boasts numerous amenities, socialisation opportunities, lifestyle activities, and events, making it a hub for like-minded individuals seeking a specific lifestyle.

Active Lifestyle and Social Engagement Clubs

The Links Over 55s Lifestyle Resort is a retirement community that promotes an active, social lifestyle for residents. This lifestyle community offers a variety of clubs and interest groups, fostering friendships and shared interests among the residents.

Fitness Club

The Fitness Club is a haven for those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Equipped with a state-of-the-art gym, this club hosts regular fitness sessions and activities that cater to various fitness levels. The supportive environment encourages residents to achieve their health goals while forging new friendships.

Arts and Crafts Workshops

Creativity is celebrated in our Arts and Crafts Workshops. From painting to pottery, these workshops allow residents to explore their artistic side, learn new skills, and create beautiful art while forming bonds with fellow creative souls.

These clubs and interest groups not only cater to the diverse interests of residents but also play a vital role in creating a supportive, social community that enhances the quality of daily living.

Events and Activities

At The Links Over 55s Lifestyle Resort, regular events and activities are integral to our community spirit. These events bring our residents together, promoting a sense of community, joy, and shared memories.


From yoga to aerobics, these classes cater to different abilities, promoting an active lifestyle.


Our indoor and outdoor swimming pools are perfect for daily swimming sessions, offering both exercise and relaxation.

Themed Dinner Events:

These events offer residents a chance to enjoy gourmet meals, socialise, and celebrate various themes and cultures.


Regular BBQ gatherings at our Million Dollar Clubhouse are a resident favourite, offering delicious food and a chance to mingle with neighbours.

In luxury retirement communities like The Links, residents enjoy top-notch facilities catering to a wide range of interests. Whether it’s playing sports, joining fitness sessions, or being part of hobby clubs and enjoyable dinners, there’s always something for everyone to have a blast at and build strong social connections.

Retirement Villages: Retirement Living with a Focus on Community

As we enter our golden years, the importance of community and social interaction becomes more profound. The Links, a vibrant over 55s community, represents this principle beautifully. This luxury retirement community offers a low-maintenance lifestyle that allows residents to share stories, provide mutual support, and enjoy an active, fulfilling life. Designed with your unique needs in mind, The Links is where retirement living is reimagined, and social bonds are fostered.

It’s more than just a place to live—it’s a place to thrive.

World-Class Facilities

The Links Over 55s Lifestyle Resort offers world-class facilities that cater to the needs and interests of our residents:

Professional-Sized Bowling Green:

For those who enjoy this sport, our bowling green is perfect for a relaxing game.

Pickleball and Croquet Courts:

For those who enjoy this sport, our bowling green is perfect for a relaxing game.

Fully Fenced Off-Leash Dog Park:

Our furry residents can roam freely in this safe, dedicated space.

Gym & Amenities:

Our modern gym promotes a healthy lifestyle among residents.

Recreation Vehicle Storage:

For those who love road trips, we provide storage for recreational vehicles.

Heated Indoor Pool & Spa:

Perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Located in South West Rocks, surrounded by breathtaking beaches and National Parks, The Links provides a refreshing alternative to traditional retirement villages. With no entry and exit fees, no stamp duty, and direct ownership contracts, we offer peace, security, and a sense of belonging. Welcome to The Links, where quality time, shared interests, and friendships are essential to daily living.

Resident Testimonials

These testimonials show how The Links positively impacts residents’ lives, showcasing the lively retirement village community spirit. It’s a place that brims with life and warmth, where every moment is filled with joy and connection.

Discover Vibrant Over-55s Living at The Links

The Links, Australia’s fastest-growing over-55s retirement community, offers a vibrant lifestyle filled with recreational activities, modern amenities, and a safe environment. From year-round swimming to practising chipping greens, the lifestyle at The Links is both tranquil and fulfilling. Set in the stunning South West Rocks, it’s more than just a retirement village—it’s a community.

Experience it yourself by exploring the opportunities that await at The Links.

Frequently Asked Questions

While they offer several perks, retirement villages come with challenges. This includes notable entrance and departure costs, potentially intricate fee arrangements, and constraints on owning property. Moreover, certain individuals might not appreciate the village regulations, feeling a lack of variety or sensing an exclusive social scene.

The value of joining a retirement village largely hinges on one’s personal context and inclinations. They present numerous advantages like a sense of community, safety, and handy facilities. Nonetheless, they might come with substantial expenses, including entrance and exit charges, regular service fees, and other unexpected costs. Thoroughly weighing these expenses against one’s financial health and living preferences is pivotal before deciding.

The primary distinction is the type of agreement over the property. In retirement villages, the arrangement usually concerns the building itself, so you’re paying a fee to reside there without owning your space. On the other hand, in over 55 lifestyle villages, the contract is about the land, granting you ownership of your house while you lease the underlying land for an extended duration. This setup often offers more financial predictability and adaptability.

This decision is contingent upon individual preferences and needs. Living in a retirement village provides community, security, and easy access to amenities and services. Staying at home offers familiarity, potentially lower costs, and perhaps more independence. Assess your desires, financial situation, and long-term objectives to make an informed choice.

The Links primarily operates under the land lease retirement village model, allowing residents to own their homes while leasing the land for a long duration. This transparent structure eradicates any exit fees, meaning residents can enjoy any profits from a sale without deductions.

The Links stands out because it emphasises community, lifestyle, and superior facilities. Residents can indulge in diverse recreational activities, from its year-round heated pool to a professional-sized bowling green and fully-equipped gym. Moreover, the vibrant community ambience and state-of-the-art amenities like the 450m practice putting and chipping greens make The Links the epitome of lavish retirement living.

A Deferred Management Fee (DMF) is a charge incurred by residents upon exiting a retirement village, often deducted from the sale price of their unit or their initial contribution to the village. This fee, which might also be termed an exit or departure fee, is generally a percentage of the initial contribution or the sale price and can vary based on factors like the length of residency and accessed services. The DMF’s structure and percentage are stipulated in the contract, and it aims to cover the village’s management and operational costs, ensuring the community’s maintenance and sustainability throughout the residents’ stay.