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What is a Land Lease Community?

Date: 9 August 2020
Author: Jesse Rodrigues


Downsizing is becoming a regular household conversation topic amongst Australians. With the rising costs of rates, utilities, cleaning and garden maintenance. Downsizing is becoming a more popular option for many over 55’s in Australia. There are plenty of options, including retirement villages, house and land packages, apartments/villas and now the most popular and fastest growing, land lease communities.

Land lease communities are sometimes referred to as over 55’s communities allowing residents to safely reside in a luxurious resort, living with like-minded people. The land lease model provides a highly social environment, access to facilities, security, management and fun events weekly. These well-thought-out resorts are becoming mainstream, popping up all over Australia especially in NSW. The communities are planned with modern architecturally designed manufactured homes. In most new cases these manufactured homes are actually built with a slab on the ground and not on stilts, as many older manufactured house estates are.

These resorts are targeted toward people who want to live independently with access to a highly social environment, people who don’t require high level aged care and love to travel. You will have access to fun events each week, out of town adventures on the shuttle bus, enjoying all the facilities included in the resort and of course the local attractions. If you are also a travel bug you can leave your home locked up for months on end. With the peace of mind that your home will be in a highly secure gated community.

Let’s talk about being social

Have you ever heard of the Blue Zone ? There are 5 Blue Zone’s documented in the entire world. These zones have the highest liveability and age caps worldwide with many people in these zones living well above 100 years old. The key ingredient many believe is a healthy balanced diet and exercise. However, this has a small part to play. The biggest contributing factor to living a longer, healthier and satisfying life is feeling apart of a community. These Blue Zones are built up of small communities, where everyone knows everyone. These people don’t necessarily have to speak with everyone or participate in social events. But just knowing they are apart of something bigger helps the human psyche maintain its mental well-being, thus living a longer healthier life. Eating well and exercising is still a contributing factor so we still recommend swapping out processed foods for whole foods and keeping away from cheeseburgers.

Our Land Lease Community

Let’s talk about our favourite option The Links Over 55’s Lifestyle Community, South West Rocks, NSW. A location familiar to some, but we like to call it Australia’s best kept secret. Located between Coffs Harbor and Port Macquarie also known as being a part of the Mid-north Coast. South West Rocks is a beautiful coastal town parked between luscious national parks, green pastures and beautiful beaches. Our lifestyle resort offers more than just the standard land lease community.

Our homes are built with the latest steel frame construction so you can age in place with modifications being added to all sections of the home. All of our homes are SEPP Senior Living certified which means the entire house is road to home level with wheel chair accessibility throughout. These homes also offer assistance to anyone who does require access to aged care level 1 and 2 so you can happily age in place.

Our land lease resort focuses highly on the main contributing factors of ‘The Blue Zone’ community. Primarily helping our residents to remain socially active and not drawing closer to loneliness and isolation as they get older. Unfortunately, loneliness and isolation are two of the key contributing factors to elderly depression and death. So, we aim to replace those with friendship, family and social interaction.

The ever-growing popularity of the land lease model comes down to its simplicity. The land lease model means you purchase the home and we own the land. This makes purchasing a brand-new home cheaper upfront as you aren’t purchasing the land as well. We then charge you a land lease fee per week which includes the below:

  • Rent for the lot your house is built on
  • Front Garden Maintenance
  • Security & Management
  • Events
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Street Maintenance

You also get access to all our world class facilities:

  • 4 million Dollar Clubhouse
  • 450m Practice Putting and Chipping Greens
  • Golf Driving Range
  • Fully Fenced Dog Park
  • Indoor Pool/Spar and Sauna Complex
  • Outdoor Pool area with BBQ and Lounge area
  • Pickle Ball Courts
  • Gym and Amenities
  • Professional Sized Bowling Green
  • Caravan Storage Area

The added bonus when purchasing a home at The Links , is we don’t charge you any entry fees or exit fees, you don’t pay strata levies or council rates, you keep all capital gains when you wish to sell and we will help you throughout the sales journey. The only things you need to budget for when making the decision to downsize into a land lease community are:

  • Land lease fee
  • Internet Plan
  • Phone Plan
  • Water Usage
  • Electricity
  • Insurance

Furthermore, each resident based on application and circumstances maybe eligible for the Commonwealth Rental Assistance, to subsidize the land lease fee. Currently our land lease fee is starting at $179. With access to the full Commonwealth Rental Assistance amount, you could receive a rebate of $69.00 per week.

With plenty of options available when choosing to downsize, we believe land lease communities will play a pivotal role in your retirement plans.

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