Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions we get asked.

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What is a Land Lease Community?
A land lease community is one where the owner of the house leases the land on which the house sits.
How many houses are there in the community and will it be extended?
There are 199 houses in the community and it will not be extended.
What is the weekly site fee?
From $199.00.
When does this fee go up?
The fee is NON-FIXED and is agreed upon in your contract.
Can the owner put up the fee outside CPI?
Yes, however it must be in line with the site agreement that you sign.
What does the weekly site fee include?
All maintenance of the communal areas, maintenance of the community gardens and tree pruning, maintenance of roads and kerbs, street lighting, household rubbish removal, maintenance of BBQ/Picnic and community open spaces, ground staff, community manager, use of all community facilities including, indoor/outdoor pools, crochet court, chipping and putting greens, clubhouse, men’s shed, caravan parking area.
Apart from the weekly site fees, what weekly charges do I have to pay?
Your weekly site fees covers all charges associated with living at “The Links”, apart from normal telephone, electricity, gas, water and house insurance.
Am I entitled to government rent assistance?
If you are on a pension or benefit from Centrelink or Veterans Affairs, then you may be entitled to receive rent assistance.
Is there any deferred management fee?
No, there is no deferred management fee.
Is there body corporate fees?
Is there any exit or entry fees?
Is there stamp duty on my purchase?
Can I obtain finance for my home?
Obtaining a housing loan for a Sea Spirit home for someone over 50 is not easy. There are several lenders which have introduced products which may be suitable. If you are interested in pursuing this, you should seek financial advice.
If and when I wish to sell my home, who can I use as an agent?
If and when you choose to sell your home you can either use Sea Spirit Lifestyle as your selling agent, or any agent of your choice. Standard charges will apply.
When I sell my home what exit fees and charges will I have to pay?
When you sell a Sea Spirit home all capital gains are yours and there are no Exit Fees.
Can I sell my home myself?
Yes, even though Sea Spirit offers an experienced sales team and some external agents have experience in this area, you are nonetheless able to sell your home directly if you so wish.
Can we buy a home in the name of a family trust, company or children's names?
All homes are owner occupied and before considering purchasing a home in the name of any other entity than your own, you should obtain legal advice.
Can I include my home in my will?
Yes, your home forms part of your estate assets. The beneficiaries of your estate can if they wish move into your home (as long as they are over 55) or they can sell the home at any time, with all capital gains belonging to your beneficiaries.
What is my entitlement to the land?
Before you move into a Sea Spirit Lifestyle Community you will sign a Site Agreement. This agreement is your contractual right to exclusively occupy your site. It is a state government tenure and is a perpetual agreement with no end date.
When can we move in?
Covid 19 is no longer affecting house delivery times. Once your house is built, the final sign off completed and you have settled, you can move in.
Do I own my own home?
Yes, you just lease the land that it sits on.
Is the land freehold or leasehold?
Sea Spirit Lifestyle Communities will be operating under a SEPP Seniors Living 2004 approval as a Land Lease Community and as such you will own your own home and will have a license in perpetuity for that home to occupy a site. This license can be transferred to any other buyer. We believe that the home owner under the state legislation is very protected in relation to the security of their Site Agreement.
Are rentals permitted at Sea Spirit Lifestyle?
No, only owner occupiers are permitted and there are absolutely no rentals.
Are my family and friends welcome to visit?
Family and friends are welcome at all Sea Spirit Lifestyle Communities, but there are certain guidelines regarding length of stay and use of facilities.
Can I have a pet?
It is well recognised that pets help to improve the quality of life for many home owners and as such Sea Spirit Lifestyle under certain circumstances welcomes pets. There is a pet approval process in place and acceptance of a pet is based on the best interest of the pet and the general community.
Is there a community bus?
At Sea Spirit Lifestyle Communities, there is a 22 seater bus for community use.
Who maintains the facilities?
All facilities are maintained by staff and all repairs or capital replacements are paid for without any sinking fund or capital replacement fund.
What are the homes built of?
Key elements of our house construction are Dulux Exsulite Insulation and steel framing. Exsulite is engineered with multiple layers of different materials to maximise the energy savings and to keep your homes cool in summer and warm in winter. Our houses are steel framed which we believe is a far superior solution to timber framing.
Are homes protected against termites?
Yes, all homes are protected from termites in accordance with local council building regulations and Australian Standards. In addition to this Sea Spirit Lifestyle conducts perimeter surveillance on your behalf for no fee, and also all homes are constructed with steel framing so even better protection.
Can I make changes to my home?
There are guidelines as to alterations or additions that can be made to the outside of your home. This is to protect the aesthetics and the value of the community. Most changes such as interior blinds, screen doors, enclosed indoor areas etc are permissible.
How big is the outdoor pool?
The outdoor pool will be 25m in length.
How big is the indoor pool?
The indoor pool will be 15m in length.
How wide are the roads in the community?
The average road is 6m wide.
How much are the houses?
Prices start from $620,000.
How many stages are there?
Land sizing from?
216sqm – 362sqm.
Does a guarantee or warranty come with the home?
Yes, all homes come with a minimum 6 year warranty to meet statutory requirements within NSW, these passed onto you at the time of moving into your home.
When will construction start?
Construction has begun with residents already living at the resort.

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