Modern, high tech and sustainable

We believe in caring for our environment and protecting this earth for future generations. This is why we have heavily invested in more sustainable housing technology than any other over 55’s lifestyle community in Australia. Our goal is to become completely energy independant to improve our resilience to grid failures and drive energy costs for residents lower.

We use a mix of different technologies to achieve this goal and continuously refine and improve our use of precious natural resources. We all have a responsibility to leave this planet in the best possible condition for the sake of our future generations.

Modern Solar Technology


Sea Spirit Lifestyle Village Announces an innovative cooperation with Enphase and Enova Power.

Each Sea Spirit Lifestyle village house will be fitted with an Enphase Micro inverter solar power system. The whole village will be a single connection to the local electricity network by Enova Energy.

This design represents the safest and most advanced solar technology and will be installed owned and managed by Sea Spirit to form a private micro grid energy supply.

Managed and monitored by Sea Spirit the Enphase micro-inverters will maximize the on-site solar power available to every home within the private network.

Micro-inverters offer the safest rooftop solar equipment available and combined with future battery storage are compatible with all proposed virtual power plant technologies.

The benefits include:

  • lower power bills
  • Improved resilience to power outages.
  • Complementary technology with energy management and electric vehicle charging systems.
  • Energy efficient and climate friendly.
  • Network support for South West Rocks.
  • Ease of use as all systems are managed and maintained by Sea Spirit for your benefit.

Battery Storage Technology


The key to achieving better energy prices and availability is the use of modern smart batteries that continuously charge up from excess power generated during the day and discharge it when energy prices are higher and solar charging stops.

Given the tendancy of our residents to go on extended holidays this creates even more available energy to keep batteries fully charged and energy prices lower.

We are targeting a complete power surplus so we can start to sell excess energy back to the grid when prices are high.

Water Reclamation


As part of the extensive flood mitigation infrastructure, we have the ability to harvest and store rain water for grey water purposes such as gardening and cleaning.

We are putting in place large storage tanks to ensure that our water bills are kept as low as possible and we can remain less affected by drought.

Because water is our most precious resource and we want to protect it.

Dulux Exsulite Insulation


A key part of an energy efficient development is to ensure that the natural warming and cooling cycles of the environment are handled by modern, effective and safe insulation.

We have partnered with Dulux to use the latest Exsulite inslutation technology. Exsulite is engineered with multiple layers of different materials to maximise the energy savings and to keep your homes cool in summer and warm in winter.

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